Friday, 10 December 2010

parade of bullies

I saw that I was teaching something, after the ordinary hours during which a school functions, to a small group of people. I was working at the building that used to be my high-school. I can't remember who my students were, but they were male and with strange political or religious beliefs, so, for my own safety, I had to be very typical and cautious. I remember talking to someone, I can't remember if it was a student or a superior, that made me feel uncomfortable by bringing up a subject on which I did not feel that I should express my opinion. I took my bag that was very big and filled with things. I remember putting on a couple of red socks and an off-white blouse. I also had with me an object that would change forms. It might have been my female dog. On this occasion she had transformed into a beautiful young guy that seemed to like me. I was wondering if I could do anything with him and then I thought that the creature was actually female. I started wondering about homosexuality.
Maybe, at some other point in the dream, while I was at the school, or in some other dream sequence, I was in the office of a psychologist, yet not as a patient but as a visitor. I was siting on a chair by his office instead of the traditional couch that was anyway occupied. I tried to make him tell me his opinion on a couple of things so as to engage into conversation. While I was there I was holding tight the previously mentioned very large bag.
I left the school and walked further down the road. I had my shape-shifting animal with me. I had to change my socks. I had a spare couple in my abnormally over-stuffed bag. They were red, like these I had on but instead of flowers they had a strawberry patern on them and they were much more comfortable. I was thinking of my object of desire, who seemed to be different this time from the animal. I also had a thought or a mental image that associated my socks to my armpits. I was leaning against a road sign opposite a derelict cafeteria. The district was dirty and dodgy. An old-school car turned around the corner and went past me with the person's by the driver eyes fixed on me. By the time I got to find the clean socks and wear them, the car had made a circle around the square and returned. I was sure they wanted to shoot me but instead they lowered the window and asked for directions. I didn't know the answer but I heard the driver say that they would spare me. I hurried to get away for the case they would change their mind. I took a few steps down the road when I saw a large group of people, gathered like they were waiting for a parade. This was disconcerting. I asked a guy in a dark blue pullover what was going on. I chose him because he was chatting with other people that appeared to disapprove of what was happening. For a minute there I thought I had done something something stupid because he might have been a policeman, yet when I saw his face I was sure he was a left-wing working class all right guy. He told me that "they" were parading and celebrating and that it was a weird era that we were entering. He advised me to be very cautious if I wanted to cross that street to go home. I had to. It was the widest and longest street of the town and my home was on the other side. I decided to take another route and cross from further down. I walked towards the opposite direction but at the end of the building block there were more dodgy looking people ready for fight. The crowd was not so thick there so I could pass if I moved fast. I did not like where I was one bit and I decided to get into a small alley.
Parenthesis: I am in this neibourhood often in my dreams. It is in my hometown and it is near the house of my godmother, another very good friend of my mother and my aunt N.. They don't really live that close to each other but when I was a child I found their streets very intriguing because they looked nothing like ours (or so I thought back then) and there was the fear of getting lost as I have a quite inadequate sense of orientation and I did not now the area well enough.
The alley was a dead end. It led to a door of one of these houses where each room has a door towards a central yard with a well. I knocked on the door, so as to at least get some shelter and maybe call someone to pick me up. A very weird-looking woman opened the door. She was very thin and sower with a face that seemed prematurely old. Her back was somehow crooked and she was wearing a colourful apron and her hair were inside a colourful shawl. I did not trust her. Behind her I could see the woodwork on the house and thick plantation. Beside her was a small child almost hiding behind her robe. She had socks and summer slippers on and despite the condition of her back and her legs she seemed fast. I decided to take my chances and ask for shelter and try to get to the phone a.s.a.p.. I even asked if this was just a yard or if it was connected with other houses that I could pass through.
I can't remember how but I escaped that place and run from the fastest route towards my house. I thought I was really far but I was quite close to the central square. I passed unnoticed between the crowed of bullies and as soon as I got to the coffee-shops behind them I started running over banisters, grass, between chairs and people. I could hear some of them making comments about my behaviour but I was scared shitless and kept running until I got to the train station and down the stairs and closer to home.

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