Wednesday, 8 December 2010

puppy poo

I remember waking up at least three times during my sleep after having seen a dream.
From the first time I recall being in someone's bed. I was covered with a soft, thin and warm duvet. I was not really supposed to be there, I was probably hiding. I also had the impression that it would be fine to take the duvet and some sheets and maybe the curtains too when I would leave; they belonged to me somehow. I didn't like their pattern though. It had an out-fashioned printed colourful design, kitch but not in the happy-go-lucky manner. I tried hard to think of what had preceded this scene but I haven't been able yet.
Then I dreamt that my puppy had pooped on the balcony and that she had stepped on her faeces, spreading them all over the floor as she was walking around.
Later I saw a piece of the corner between wall and ceiling. There was a mirror near by and the paint had peeled off due to mildew. I also remember hearing the sound of a video game.
Although I have the impression that my dreams were complicated and with lots of incidents happening I can't remember anything else.

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