Sunday, 26 December 2010

Schools and other academic fascilities

I dreamt I was going somewhere with P.. We decided to take a short-cut through a school. The first building had an arcade from the sides of which children and teachers were led to their classes, upstairs. It was a very crowded space that resembled slightly to a mega-store. After this there was was another school, for younger children, that did not have a passage so we walked around it and as we continued walking straight after the last turn we took round the school, we passed by the pavement next to a children playground. It was filled with kids and teachers. As we were walking there our course was interrupted by a set of swings. Children were sitting everywhere and there were a couple of teachers sitting on a bench and chatting with some older women. The children were doing some kind of exercise on synchronization, so we had to wait for every duo to finish swinging so as to move slowly forward. When we managed to escape this we rushed down a crowded pedestrian road. We listened behind us one of the teachers telling another that we were trespassers of their school grounds and that she should come after us because we had to be punished. The younger teacher seemed reluctant to do such a thing but the other woman convinced her by saying that no adult had the right to be on school grounds and that she new our lot. She said we were the spoiled mayors of a nearby posh district. We heard the young woman screaming behind us and she finally reached us. She asked us to stop, yet she didn't appear to be really confident on what she was doing. We tried to explain that there was no indication that this had been the school premises, that there was also no barriers of any sort to prevent people from approaching and that anyway we were on the pavement. She sat down and took a packet of cigarettes out of her pocket and offered us a couple, taking one her self and asking for a lighter. She informed us that she had no intention of getting us punished and that, further-on, the woman that had instructed her to do so was not a very fair teacher to begin with. The children were not supposed to be on the swings when we had passed through them but it was only her laziness that had caused a delay and thus provoked the whole incident. We returned to the school to defend ourselves in front of teachers and parents. We waited there for a little while and then we went into a prolonged room with desks on either side behind which people were standing. The woman that had initiated the whole deal was sitting on a chair. I approached her so as to speak and she responded with vulgar words. I looked at the crowd around me and asked them to witness her bad behaviour. I advanced towards her again and she pushed me back. She was wearing a red cardigan with a v neck-cut. I asked the crowed if they had seen how badly she was treating me and they cheered. The case was closed. She was the bad one and I was innocent. People started leaving the room. I went near a grey-haired and spectacled parent and told him that the case was not closed because there should have been a sign or a barrier to prevent people from going through the school premises. He gave me a look that suggested that I should not be mentioning this issue any more and said something that showed that he believed we were wrong and pushing our luck in a way.
Later I saw that I was in an academic institution on my own. Soon, a lot of people from my MA course filled the place. My x-bf was there. It was a seminar on digital arts and photography. I had a lot of inquiries but the time passed without me noticing and we had to leave. I wanted a couple of books from the library but I had borrowed a wrong one. My x-bf invited me somewhere for the weekend and I said I would go only if he could help me in advanced photoshop. He said he didn't really know. I saw a lot of people smoking, and S., a guy a friend of mine fancied a lot- he was very nervous too for not having managed to do much there- and classes on the first floor and a big school-yard.
Then I remember talking about an issue on contemporary aesthetics with my father. He looked younger and he was wearing a 60's pair of trousers with bell legs. It was made of an orange and black tweed fabric with art-deco small squares. I kept looking at it because the textile was awesome, unlike the design of the trousers that were actually short. He was telling me that he had encountered an argument that concerned my practice, as well, and that when he had indicated this to his father, he, in his turn, had announced the importance of the subject, yet without providing with a solution. My father had outstretched his arms, with his palms facing upwards and was wondering "how" passionately, while I kept staring at the small checks on his vibrantly coloured trousers.

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