Monday, 27 December 2010

Stake and kidney pie

I can't remember how this dream started but we 'll take it from the following point onwards. I had taken a bath and all the green colour of my fringe got washed away, leaving my partially blond. It was not that sickly light orange I had before the application of the green pigment but a nice vibrant, almost white yellow. I didn't like it anyway and wondered if I would have to wait for my hair to become dirty again before I tried to change the colour. Next thing I remember is being in a butchery. I was looking at the butcher, who was my brother, in his white, blood-stained robe. He had thin, blond, shoulder length hair and a warm, friendly grin on his face. He was a head taller than me, well built and with wide shoulders. He hugged me. I had mixed feelings about him, I liked and respected him as a brother but I was also slightly intimidated as if I did not know much about him and the mystery that surrounded him made me feel uncomfortable. He was religious and, in addition to that, he also had holly powers. I was holding a plastic bag with small balls of dough and I asked if I should have sanctified them or if he would like to do it. He said he had crossed and thus sanctified "this" and pointed towards a plastic bag full of pieces of meat. From their textures and colour I understood that some were kidneys. I assumed I would have to cook stake and kidney pie.
I walked back home were I met my old friend G. (I haven't seen this person for so long I am no longer sure we are still friends). We were flatmates. From the discussion I deducted that we were leaving on the next day. I fell off the clouds because I had not realized it would be this soon. Apparently he had made all the arrangements with the movers and he had booked our tickets and I had not made a note of the date of departure. I also had to cook and a million other things for the flat and I had not got cardboard boxes so as to pack my things! I asked if had any spare ones. The answer was negative. I started by packing my shoes. They were less than I expected them to be. While I was doing this I found a few more boxes I had stored in the bigger box I had used for my shoes.
Yet, I did not know if I wanted to leave. I seemed to have adjusted rather well after all this time. I did not feel as I did when the decision had been taken. I kept packing shoes until the dog started barking.
I got up, put on my sleepers, asked her to shut up and slowly proceeded to the kitchen to make the essential morning warm beverage that helps turn a zombie into a functional human being. Loo, toothbrush, green fringe still there. "Morning Captain".

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