Sunday, 19 December 2010

Fresh Boys

I was at the flat of my friends K. and D. and I was talking with K. (I was actually thinking of her all day long yesterday). She had to go and I was on my own. I can't remember every detail of what took place but I do remember standing next to a bench amongst overgrown plants. I met there a tall thin blond guy. We instantly expressed an interest on each-other and started playing. The time passed and we had to separate but we said that we would probably meet again soon and that this would be nice.
I dreamt a lot last night and my dreams mingled by the time I got out of bed.
I also got acquainted with another guy, shorter and with dark hair with whom I also got close.
I had a rendezvous with my sister. We were going to see our father and subsequently we would go to her house. We met him and he asked us if we were smoking drugs. I gave him a rather severe fake stare and asked him if he did not think we were rather old to have such a conversation. Then I accused him of having potheads for friends. My sister found the whole scene hilarious. We moved on. I must have fallen by accident in water and I was completely naked as my clothes were soaking wet. I didn't mind it at first. The nearest place where I could dry myself and get in a new outfit (it seems that I thought it was improper to get dressed in front of everyone while I preferred to walk around naked) was my uncle's restaurant. It was a narrow shop with a single row of tables on either side of an aisle. I was walking towards the toilet that was at the far end when I noticed that the blondy was there with his brother and father. I was covering my breasts with my arms quite adequately but it just shown on me that my vagina and arse were completely unprotected in common view. I gave him a side stare and hurried to reach my destination. I had to go through a door. On my left was the loo door and directly in front of me was the entrance to the kitchen. Staff was going in and out of this door and I felt ashamed for my nudity. I was in there getting dry and dressed. The boy came in and started making a scene. I got angry and told him off. He regretted for having scolded me but I thought that this was an indication of an overall violent behaviour and that I would not put up with it. He was rather handsome though and his hair and skin felt great and I thought that I could spend some time with him if I found a way to cope with his outbursts of anger.
I can't remember much about the other guy but the situation in which I met him was similar. At some other dream, though, I was talking about my new dream acquaintances to my friend D.. She was asking me if I feel bad for dreaming of other men while being with P.. I was trying to explain that I did a little but that it has been more than a year that I am with him and that I might have missed the feeling of "fresh flesh", that feeling you get on your fingers when you touch somebody for the first time, before you get used to the texture of the skin and the body's temperature.
As usual, after a while, I was dreaming and waking up every, approximately, half an hour but right now I can't extract anything more.

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