Friday, 24 December 2010

A trial, a palace, a museum and pool

I dreamt of lots of things last night.
I saw that I looked at the floor in front of our apartment's main door and there were a lot of official paper's lying there. I opened the door and saw the woman that takes care of the issues concerning the building and an older man with the appearance of a a bureaucrat going up the stairs. I asked what all this was about and she told me that they had to take legal action towards the people that were in debt. I replied that this was very unfair because we owed them only a month's amount and that this was just because we were not in at the collection day, so I intended to give it to her within the next week along the new one. She said she agreed with me but the problem had become so enlarged that they had to do something drastic instantly. The bureaucrat that had a very severe expression on his face until that moment gave me a sympathetic look and told me not to worry so much, as tears were already rolling down my face, and he would try to help me sort it out and not get mixed up to more complex legal procedures.
Later I was in a group of people (it was something like a class). It seemed that they had taken for a field trip to some specific town with a palace and a museum and various other important buildings. We went past the monarch's residency and took a sneak pick inside the central hall. The building was huge! It was a square piece of architecture, not more than two or three stories high, covered with elaborate mosaic in black, off-white and mauve. I could see an endless corridor spreading through arched doors and staircases on either side. We said "aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!" in admiration but were pushed forward soon. We reached our destination, a museum of all the cultural aspects of that place an started deforming as a group and looking at the exhibits. There were jewelry and mannequins with military uniforms. At some point we saw a big bench with cardboard boxes full of partially broken jewelry and dirty metallic brooches and an inscription that informed us that they were on sale, as they used to belong to the museum's collection but they had lost their value. I started searching frantically! I found glass rings that fitted just right and looked strangely and beautifully tectonic but I thought it was a bit dangerous to wear fractured glass. Then I found some metallic brooches. They had women and animals and televisions and two sewing machines that I absolutely adored. I was trying to chose when the entrance to the next room got blocked by armored security guards that asked us to finish our tour as soon as possible and leave the building. I picked a big packet with a dozen of brooches and one in the shape of a "singer"sewing machine and started moving down the stairs. I was with two acquaintances of mine, a girl and a boy. We were waiting in line to pass from the cashier and pay for our goods when a couple of employees got confused on who should do the sale for a particular object (I think it was a book). The guards were pushing us out and the employees were yelling.
Later I saw I walked into a billiards shop. I am really bad at this and I was hoping that the place would be empty apart form the traditional forty-year-old bar-woman. It was a wide room with a low ceiling and no lights apart from the lamps that hung above each pool table. In the furthest corner tables were two girls, each on a table on her own, in large blue t-shirts, dark brown pony-tails and luminous white gloves, the kind that is used for pool. They looked very professional and equally stupid like any human that has dedicated his or her life in sports. I approached them to ask for a couple of tips to improve my skills. They got very annoyed and hit me on the stomach. Then one of them tried to break my arm but I suddenly became very strong and skilled in fighting and bit the shit out of her, with a Hollywood-ish pretentious style.
Enough information for one night! When I got out of bed I was very proud of having "designed"(imagined) the buildings and objects of the second dream. I wish that I could do that again, soon.

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