Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Dumbledore, again- me in two bodies

I dreamt I was with Dumbledore in a group of people . He was homosexual and he was performing scientific experiments. In one of these he turned me into a man. I cannot remember what I looked like. He did not transform me back into a woman but, instead, he used some genetic material of mine he had taken in the past and re-created me as one. Thus I existed in two different bodies but I seemed to be using only one brain to think, so I never saw in my dream both types at the same time. We went to a beach. I think it was in an abandoned military camp. The opposite coast was quite close, in a distance that most people would swim without too much effort. Yet non of us showed any intention to get into the water. There were more people there.
Apart from the beach I also saw myself in a house, in a room with lots of others. There was a tall thin rock singer- the cocky, full of drugs kind of rock singer- that got interested in me. I had a cold attitude towards him until he lost his excitement and I gained some. Yet, since I had turned him down I did not dare to make any moves towards him. I just kept staring discreetly and wondering why this might be happening to me, not paying any attention to someone that fancies me until they stop, and then I want them desperately. My male self found a sweetheart as well. There was this girl that used to be a friend of mine some years ago. She is quite cute, tall and thin and despite the fact that my male version was much shorter than her, I decided to give it a try, and asked her if she would like us to spent some time on our own. I was standing a stair higher than her but she was still taller. She accepted this and invited me at her flat on the next day, around eleven o'clock pm or midnight. I don't really like getting out of my house so late and I felt reluctant to do it, but I said I would be there. I was quite nervous as it would be my first date with a woman. On the account that I had kept my original brain in my male body I started wondering if I was a lesbian. At the same time my girly self managed to arrange something more intimate with the rock singer. Things were getting confusing. I might have been able to be at two places simultaneously but I still had only brain to do the thinking for both bodies! I asked a random girl that was there, if she would mind listening to me for a little while and maybe tell me her opinion on a subject that concerned me. We went into the bedroom where people were leaving their coats. Other girls kept coming in, and since it might be good to listen to more individual opinions I decided to have a bigger audience. Some men infiltrated in the room but we kicked them out. The last one to stay inside was a tiny gnome, hiding under the bed. The last person I wanted to tell my problems to was a gossipy magical creature. I made him leave the room as well. I started telling my story about the two heterosexual bodies and the one female mind. I asked what to do with the chick since I had never thought as a lesbian before. A short and chubby woman with fluffy black hair and a black skirt that became very tight around her wide, round bottom as she sat, told me that she had been equally disappointed by men and women. I thought that I would have never guest that she was going both ways and that I was too much prudent after all.
I woke up.

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