Friday, 31 December 2010

soaring, bruised and cut hands

I dreamt that both my hands were hurt. I can't remember how I got the first injury on my left hand, that was full of small bleeding scars and bruises, I do remember though how I hurt the right one; I was in a public house when somebody collapsed on a table full of glasses, shattering them and causing a rain of fragments of crystal. I had a deep cup between my thumb and my index finger that would probably need stitches. I kept it closed and immobile and waited patiently for help. A fat woman that resembled "Harry Potter's aunt Petunia" and due to this similarity I expected no good from her, was very kind and brought me a cup of tea. A group of doctors appeared on the spot and took care, very quickly and painlessly, of my left hand and arm. When I looked at it, it was full of small scars, pink but closed. They left the other hand for later. I could see small pieces of glass sticking out of small dried wounds, that made it very painful to pull them off. While I was waiting I was talking to people but no one would help me remove the bloodied chips of my hand. I kept both hands immobile. I was afraid to touch them.

Later I was in a classroom in the office of my land-lady. She had a huge space available for me to work and the job I would be doing was teaching art to toddlers. My hands were still hurt and fixed in a safe position. I had the children sitting in a round table and started talking to them in a very gentle and slow manner so as to get to know each-other. The land-lady's desk was on a higher level in the room and I was standing on the stairs that linked the two floors. As I was speaking I went lower and nearer to the table and when I walked around it I saw that there were some significantly older boys in my audience. Non of them had a cheerful face. On the contrary, they all had an expression of teenage aggression. I did not approve of them being there among my other young students. I went to the land-lady to ask what was going on. She said that they were students of the neighboring school and that it was their break-time. I still did not trust their faces to be near so young kiddies. Soon my worries proved to be plausible as they started being rude and attacked me verbally. There was an uproar but I can't remember anything in particular.

In my third dream of the night I was with P. My hands still felt stiff. I was afraid to touch them but I did and saw that there was nothing wrong. I had just arrived at my studio space in the school of fine arts. I had a wide white desk in a corner. Everything was white, despite the dust. I also had a bicycle, white apparently. I had just sat down and was thinking of my new work when I heard that some kind of professor was there. She was a woman and I did not feel like discussing anything with her. I got up and went into the next room where we kept supplies. There were large sheets of iron screens. I thought it was a brilliant material to do millions of constructions and forms with. I found some smaller pieces and started experimenting with them when P. came looking for me. He told me he had purchased something from a weird girl that worked in a near-by bakery. We took my white bicycle and drove there. We were looking for sweet and sour snacks when the large baker-lady came out to bring more stuff. She was very plump and friendly. Before long I saw the girl with whom P. had had his weird transaction. She was a big girl indeed, with a round cheeky face and blond locks hanging on each of her shoulders. She had a beautiful, warm smile. She was a big Sapphic and she had her eyes fixed on me. I smiled back. The backer-lady brought a tray of snacks and she nailed it on two up-standing loafs of bread. I was amazed by their flexibility. I seemed to have lost part of the discussion because she gave me a very nice, vintage, original flexible bowl by Tupperware! It was occasionally yellow or blue and it could transform from a storage bowl to a salad bowl! I was transfixed. She had two identical ones but she said she would only give us the one. We took our food and our tupper and got on our bicycle and took off towards the sky.
When I woke up I wondered if my hands were still hurt. They were numb but I could move easily every finger. I found no cuts or bruises.

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