Sunday, 12 December 2010

Exhibition re-assessed

I dreamt I was attending a seminar during which I would see a lot of screenings. I might have been participating myself with a couple of works. I was in an amphitheatre trying to get a descent seat. I sat next to a girl that looked nice and young. We were going through exams. She arrogantly informed me that it was the first time she had got accepted in an academic institution without paying her way in. I gave her my most displeased look and started telling her off. I informed her that she shouldn't be so proud as she belonged to a minority that bought people's consciousness. I added that she should be ashamed of herself and never mention this subject, that openly, in front of people because she might hurt or insult someone. I left frustrated but soon I thought that she didn't seem like a bad girl, just young and naive, so I went back to apologize. She was gone, though. I went around to socialize for a little. I found a couple of friends of mine and was casually chatting with them when I saw a man I knew eight years ago.( We were studying drawing together. His gestures had been very violent, he would crash the charcoal on the paper, and his drawings had very intense contrasts. Everyone considered him to be very aggressive and somehow mentally unstable. I had always been nice to him, I liked talking to him occasionally. I stopped being so open towards him when he started being insulting. He even stepped on both of my feet once. I never understood why. Some years later a common friend informed me that he had made it to the school of Fine Arts and that while he was there he was much calmer and almost pleasant to people). In my dream he was considerably shorter that he actually is -he is rather tall, approximately 1, 90 m and very thin- whilst the person I saw was of average built. His hair was long, black and curly and his forehead was too wide. He also had a beard with the same qualities. It was nice to see him after all this time. We greeted each other warmly.
At some other point I was walking down the aisle and I met E., my course-leader from when I was studying at W.. She told me that my installation had problematic issues that I should revise and that we should have a chat. I got worried because the work I was presenting there was not the work on which I wished to be assessed. It was made for the exhibition while I had already presented my official work for them to see and judge. I tried to explain this but my words didn't make it through. I went to see what she was talking about as I had forgotten what exactly I had done. I saw that I had set-up the dolls among furniture, some of which were in children size, and I liked the end-result. What was she talking about, removing my artistic freedom?
Then I remember looking around for other people I might know and the girl I had insulted so as to apologize, but I remember nothing more specific.

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