Wednesday, 29 December 2010


I was walking on a wide road near a port. It was a street vertical to the coast. The dark was falling, yet the road was brightly lit by yellow lights. There were wires, from side to side, with yellow light bulbs hanging from them. I was on the right-hand-side pavement, as I was facing forward. At the side of the pavement, next to a tree that was surrounded by a heavy iron fencing, I saw a vividly colored pile of furniture. I went closer and saw that it was mostly children things: a mattress, some bags and other things. They were in rather good condition and I started taking some of them for myself. I found two identical pencil-cases that were wet and soiled with sand. It made me think of children spending their summer break by the shore. I moved on and saw another similar pile of objects. This time they were more neatly put, there was a table and some of them were hanging from the tree like Christmas decorations. I was looking at them and had started piling my loot in front of me when I was surrounded by a group of men. I thought they were annoying but not necessarily a peril. They did not seem aggressive at all, merely curious. An English-speaking tall boy with lightly colored hair and a shortly trimmed beard kept finding nice pop little bags at the higher branches and giving them to me. To the group of men was added a group of "hens". They made such a ruckus that made me want to leave, so I moved onwards. Along with me came a skinny nice girl. We went past something that looked like a pop corn booth and had fruit stalked on the wall behind it. At this point I should mention that there were no cars at this road, and that their absence made it look even more mysterious. The thin girl with straw-blond hair and sunken blue eyes stopped at this site. It was advertised by a big-breasted woman dressed up as a pin-up in yellow and red, with fluffy brown hair. It was run by a man that had a set of tinny medical scalpels. He would modify the skin with these and create figures that looked terribly mutated, but with a certain symmetry that made them look like naturally born monstrous entities. I could see him cutting the shoulder of a man and forming a flowery shape with the detached skin. The girl that was with me showed me isometrically bright red scarves on her arms. She looked like an abnormally neat suicide attempt.
I took a turn and walked in a dark-lit alley. It must have been a pedestrian's road because the luck of vehicles there did not strike me as something odd. I was with T., a friend of my sister. She would help me go higher up the city safely because we were at a very dodgy part of the city. I remember seeing two of the oddly mutated men whispering to each other and grinning. They were particularly large-built and they had fleshy spiral formations everywhere, at their legs and thighs and arms and neck. They looked so abnormal and I was sure that they had an equally mutated mind. We went through a bar, up some stairs and then we had to walk on a stone wall. It was wide enough and not very high but I felt my fear of heights taking over me. My phone rung and I tried to pick it up, I could not see who it was though. All I could read was "knitt-it-....". I thought evil about whoever tried to talk to me at that point. Also because the phones battery was dying and I wanted to call P. later. I picked it up but could hear nothing. Then I thought it must have been E., an annoying acquaintance of mine. I felt terribly dizzy and told T. to move on because I couldn't follow and that I would find my way on my own. The wall on which I was standing was making a curve in the bar. I spoke to a man that was having his drink bellow me that I had frozen from fear and that I could not get off! He pointed at me for the waiter to see. They moved aside and left an empty space for me to fall. I asked politely the waiter that was also very tall and wide to catch me when I fall. He did. I fell on his chest and he put me down. I went outside. People were really dodgy! I started walking towards another direction but came to a dead-end street. A group of approximately four women with long curly hair in obsolete hair-dos surrounded me with bad intents. I swallowed my tongue and walked away. There was a strangely disfigured girl on a wheel-chair. She went into a dodgy building. I was standing in front of what seemed to be a fortune-teller's booth, with a curved neon, multicolored sign and heavy black drapes on the door. Other people were there as well. The girl in the wheel-chair, that had looked rather small when I had first seen her, came rushing out, screaming. She came near us and got up. She was massive with a really wide formation of flesh around her head (at least where her eyes were). She was holding an official paper and was screaming in rage that "they don't help at all! It took years to get a certificate that after a very complex surgery that took eight hours they managed to form a functional body again! But do you call this functional? Have you seen lots of girls pooping from their foreheads and eating from where their anus used to be?" I observed then that only her arms and legs had their original place on her body. Every other part had been terribly misplace making her an indistinct mass of body tissue! Her colon seemed to have been placed on her forehead indeed and she made a dark brown turd as she mentioned it. Subsequently she held a large bowl with something white and mushy under her feet and started eating. I felt sympathy and disgust at the same time.
I saw more mutants telling their stories! There was a man that was saying how he had almost dyed when he jumped off the wall from where I had fallen earlier. I can't recall the details or his face clearly though.
I have the impression that P. was coming for me because I had vague visions of him being around and I felt safer.
The next thing I remember was sitting around a small round table, with people I don't know but felt keen on, and telling my dream about the mutants. I started from the pop-corn booth but then I remembered how it had all started and then I woke up.

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