Monday, 6 December 2010

Filming and shit

I dreamt I had been invited to the shooting of a film. I had made a special object for them and even though I would not participate further somebody had told me I could actually watch the whole process of the making off from back-stage. I was expecting to meet lots of acquaintances of mine there. I arrived before anyone I knew. It was taking place in a bar that was like a basement. The set was on the front half of the room and in the middle were the equipment and chairs for the people to leave their things and sit when they where not participating. I sat down and was offered food. I don't know if the following was in the same dream sequence: I was sitting on a table with M. and I., two friends of p.. I ordered sushi while they got just drinks. When the bill came it was a huge amount of money. They said that M. should pay the most because she had been there first and consequently she had consumed the most. I hesitated for a little while because I could not really afford it and then I came clean and told them that it was possibly my food that had such a high cost. We checked the receipt and indeed, my plate cost 30 euros. I realized it must have been a mistake because I had had this plate before and I had payed less than ten euros. I can't remember how but this issue got sorted out.
More folk had arrived at the scene and we had to take our places and be quiet. The fat, short and ugly director (it was probably a constructed allusion to S., a sleazy friend's friend, for whom I made an object) sat next to me and the filming began. We had not been introduced despite the fact that I had made something for his film. I did not want to mention this, though. I was not very fond of him but I felt like showing off so I made a comment about his film-work, I told him that after all he was doing very repetitive stuff and that I could outline his obsessions. He was very arrogant and denied the truth of this fact. He almost sent me away, whispering the whole time so as not to be heard from others. I asked him if he would like me to explain and said that most artists use their obsessions and that it is a positive thing to re-examine some concepts through practice, so as to distill and merge ideas and that this is the way to making a masterpiece and that Jim Jarmush's "the limits of control" was a masterpiece but you can trace in it bits and pieces of ideas on which he has worked on previous films. He tried to avoid me a few times but by the end we seemed to start getting along.
I went to the loo ( I don't know if I was still in the same bar as I kept visiting such places all night long -I kept waking up and going back to sleep and I was always in a bar or a restaurant, and the memories now have mingled in my mind-). As it is typical in my dreams, in the loo sequences, I could not stay alone to do my job. I went into the crowded toilet. It also appeared to be the men's room. I even opened one of the private doors and got in. It was a long distance between the door and the toilet sit. A guy was taking a wee. I just kept my calm, turned my back on him but stayed in the cubicle and asked him not to mind me and take his time. He looked a lot like a guy I had snogged two years ago, a large built ginger one. The one in my dream finished and went outside. I had the cubicle to myself to take a nice wee. As I leaned backwards, careful not to touch anything with any part of my body, I noticed that the previously solid door was semi-transparent now. Apparently I could not be seen clearly but only as a vague figure. Nonetheless anyone could figure out the posture I had taken. It is a funny posture the one women take so as to pee without touching anything, not exactly standing and not exactly sitting down Being a short girl amkes things even more difficult. Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier I was probably in the men's room. I could see a figure outside my door, possibly observing me as I was observing him. -gap-
I was in that place with the many bars and taverns -maybe in another dream- and we were near a beach. I was going in and out of shops and at some point I was among another film crew in the entrance of an older building. I went out last and closed the heavy wooden door behind me. I was walking around when I met a few of these people that greeted me. I approached them just to be polite as I was not particularly fond of them. They gave the impression of uneducated arty fakes. They were on a bench by the beach and in the middle of a grassy square. One of them was tall with fluffy gray hair and a bamterlele (^_____^). He started telling me how much their superior appreciates my opinion and that he is thinking of offering me a job. I could sense hostility and envy in the tone of his voice, so I thought of rubbing my credentials in his face and I mentioned, in a lighthearted way my academic status. He was taken a bit aback. They seemed to think that I was not highly educated because I did not use their pretentious vocabulary and did not look vaguely at the yonder when I spoke. I escaped their company and got into a take away store. I knew they had a window in the lavatory from where I could leave without being seen. I went past the crowd and ordered spinach pie from the counter. I was not hungry. While it was being prepared, though, I went to check on my escape exit. The window was there all right, but somebody had build a fence with barbed-wire within ten centimetres from the wall. Even if I managed to get out there was nowhere to go! All I could see was the fence going all the way in the dark and empty fields covered with darkness. I forgot to mention that at the beginning of the dream it was daytime and that by the time these things were taking place it was dark outside. I returned, took my pie and tried to find another way away from all these people. I remember a road sign in the dark.
Woke up, went back to sleep.
I did not dream anything more specific, I think. I just remember thinking of making flower brooches of fabric.

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