Saturday, 15 June 2013

Thug life

Yesterday I dreamt that I had participated at an exhibition and sold two paintings. Then I was chased by professional assassins. Then my dog was flying in big in elliptical shapes.

Last night I saw that I was with my friend D. She had a big camera and wanted to have our picture taken. She trusted the camera to a random girl that was passing by. The girl looked like a wealthy tourist so it seamed like the right person to ask for help. As soon as D. turned her back the girl started running with the camera. I saw her leaving before anyone else because I was the only one facing her at the time. I instantly started running after her but she got in a taxi. I focused and saw the license plate. I kept repeating it until I got to my friends and wrote it down. We found the taxi in a garage, in a dirty, quiet alley. We went inside and after following some badly-lit corridors we found the culprits. We attacked them and beat them a lot. I grabbed a small man and hit him so much he lost consciousness. I traded him for the camera. We left this place but I was a little bit worried that a) we had started a gang war and b) that they would file charges against us for hurting them so badly. I woke up.

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